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Let's talk about Momentum for a minute!

Momentum provides the chance to get away or create distance

I've gotten this question in the past. I can't fight someone who is twice my size. Oh yes you certainly can. When I worked in prisons the bigger guys where always calmer and less likely to cause trouble but the smaller guys would tear you up.

Let me show you how....Momentum Works!

If I were to throw a baseball at you, it might hurt or cause a temporary pain and bruising but it wouldn't knock you over. Alternatively, if I threw a medicine ball at you without notice, it probably would knock you down. The difference between the two objects is momentum.

Now believe it or not, size does not matter in this case. The weight of the ball (mass) and the speed of ball (velocity) will determine the outcome. Now, lets take martial arts, man vs woman, big vs small, etc and put them to the test.

If you have a big guy lets say, 250lbs and a small woman 125lbs. The mass and velocity are multiplied together to get the total of the momentum exerted on a person. So, a man pushing his (250 x 2 = 500), where the 2 is his force but a woman pushing her (125 x 4 = 500), where the 4 is her force. In the end they equal out. When your at Karate Works, I show you proper hand placement and how to strike the two handed push for maximum force. Once you mastered the push, which you can learn quickly, we work on the direction you want to push/strike your opponent. Learning how your body works is a crucial step I want you to develop to understand how Karate Works!

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