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Home Schooling this Year? Sign up for Karate Works!

Karate Works will be in full swing this school year teaching kids the joy of Martial Arts. While most places have delayed and postponed sporting events. We have been working over the summer to practice responsible and safely. Our gym is sanitized daily and since Karate is mostly an individual sport with a team atmosphere, there is minimum concern of contact with other people.

Kids need that Gym time!

If your a parent that went through the trials of last year's online school. You know the difficulties in getting your children to sporting events or playgrounds in general. We couldn't reopen until June ourselves. When we did though, we vowed to make our facility the cleanliness and abide by the rules the health department set forth. Our children's classes run on Wednesday's and Saturday's with options to add more classes as needed.

We are committed to helping out the Anthony Wayne Community and any other community that needs gym time for their kids with home schooling or just for your child to learn something new, while burning excess energy. Let me show you how...Karate Works!

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