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What kind of people take Karate?

Karate and the martial arts are in every country, practiced by people from all ages and all walks of life. I've seen just about every type of person imaginable walk through the doors of a dojo. Karate does not discriminate, that is the beauty of the sport, whether you are 4 years old or 90 years old, short, tall, thin, large, disabled, handicapped, blind, deaf it doesn't matter.

I have to give thanks to my mother, Betty Anders. We didn't have much growing up but when she saw I was getting bullied at school, she gave me the gift of martial arts. That was the best gift a single mother, working sometimes 3 jobs could do for her son.

Now, when I started lessons I was scared about what was going to happen. All I could think of was the movie "Bloodsport". Big mean guys battling to the death. Who are the people in my class that take Karate? As it turned out, it was a wide range of people I met that first night. A professor, a few pharmacy students, a Xerox repair guy, a retired teacher, a smorgasbord of professions. I thought maybe after a few months I was going to learn to kick butt of some of these bullies! As it turns out, I learned a lot of other things besides kicking butt. I learned confidence, I learned goal setting, I learned about diversity, I learned about self-esteem, I learned about integrity and commitment. However, the single best thing I learned, was compassion. Karate afforded me the opportunity to nurture and teach new students that were like me at the beginning or looking for a place to belong, to meet new and exciting people. I can say without a doubt, that martial artists are some of the best friends you will ever come across and keep for life.

So what kind of people take Karate? Your friends, neighbors, relatives, co-workers, retirees, teenagers, children, basically everyone. If your ready to take that leap and learn something that may change your life. Give us a call and let me show you how...Karate Works!

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