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Team Works! Bullies Don't!

I love to see the smile on my kids face when they see their group of friends and they run up to greet them. Whether its at a school function or just before I drop them off at school, it makes me feel comfortable for them, and it gives me a sense of their okay.

So I often ask kids in class, who is your team? This is a question you will get different answers too depending on the environment they are in. First they'll say what is does that mean? I explain it as your team is people you can count on to help you out when you have trouble with something. I think its important to work on team work early in life when kids are in preschool. Teaching to go to authority figures to help out when they have school problems is a great way to get them thinking about using their team. When at home and one child is having an issue with a sibling, teaching them to go to the parents and asking for them to intercede (not tattling). The way I explain this is, if you feel angry emotions, it's time to talk to your team. If your scared, it's time to talk to your team. Any emotion that comes up that makes you feel uneasy or not normal, its time to talk to your team.

Bullies, I know don't react well to kids talking to teachers about them. Because it scares them. That's the one thing that bullies do not like is someone that can control them or stop them from being a bully. They will inevitably face some type of bulling in their life. That's were confidence, I believe can help with the anguish of being bullied. Confidence is the great equalizer. Being good in school work helps with mental confidence to achieve more academically. Being confident in sports helps an individual when the team needs to score more points. Being confident in Martial Arts (karate) helps when a person feels inferior to someone in physicality.

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