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Contradiction Is The Tool For Confirmation

There is no fool-proof plans! Every great idea can be met with a contradiction to destroy the idea. However for every idea, dream or way of obtaining a goal, you have to be ready to fail to contradictions.

Here is a great example! I have tried many fad diets in the past, the same diets that other people may have lost 50 to 100lbs on. In the beginning I start off great and show progress, then I run across some contradictions like, "well I need to have a cheat day," or someone may say "your diet doesn't sound like healthy eating," (like the way I was eating before was healthy) and "you should come workout with me" (right, cause I have time for all that). Those are ideas on how contradictions can ruin a good diet. My humble advice is to notice the contradiction and work through it. Your ducks will never be in the perfect row and those pictures of successful people on diets, probably had their fair share of contradictions along the way to success. Stick with the diet you choose, it will work, give it time.

In the world of Martial Arts, almost every student has the same goal, to become a black belt. However, the contradictions are so prevalent that very few ever achieve this goal. Why is this? How can we progress through it? Karate Works is that plan!

At Karate Works I want you to see the vision you have for yourself and make a simple plan to achieve it. My personal goal is to promote the physical, mental and spiritual connection from a student to their karate. Karate is more than a way to defend oneself. Its a way to break through the physical contradictions to do the techniques. Its the way to break through the mental contradictions to gain confidence in all you do. Its a way to break through the spiritual contradictions in order to understand yourself and others.

Over the years, the fun part of the head instructor or Sensei. Is setting up elaborate class schedules and testing structures to promote a student from white belt to black belt almost effortlessly. Over my lifetime, these plans all ultimately fail either the Sensei or the student. There is not one perfect system that can cover all the contradictions that will arise. At Karate Works I have done my best to leave the learning to the student and teaching to myself. I tell all my students to spend some time everyday practicing a little bit and when they are in class, it's my responsibility to make sure they learn the material and execute it correctly. I've also instituted an "Open Deck" time for the eager student to come in and ask questions or practice without any additional fees. These are some of the ways I'm responding to contradictions.

Now look at some of the goals in your life and ask yourself "where are the contradictions at in this goal" and "how will I handle them"?

Let me leave you with a few thoughts:

1st - understand your purpose and who you are.

2nd - don't be distressed by a door that closes. That is more likely a bullet you just dodged.

3rd and most important: "Your not only seeking your goal. Your goal is also seeking you".

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